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Cannabis Seeds: What You Should Know Before Purchasing Them?

Instead of buying cannabis products in the market, which can be somewhat expensive, have you ever considered growing your marijuana plants in your backyard? If you enjoy gardening and see some practical benefits from it, this is a great initiative. Many people have been doing this hobby for quite a long time already. They buy cannabis seeds and grow the plants on their own. Once it’s harvested, they can extract CBD and THC from the plants for their medical and recreational needs.


There are many advantages to growing your cannabis plants. Not only can you flex those muscles and stay fit, but you also be able to look forward to a good harvest. This means you have locally-grown materials that can be processed in the comfort of your home. It offers an opportunity to enjoy the fruit of your labour and save some bucks.


Before purchasing cannabis seeds, though, there are some crucial points to keep in mind. You have to make sure that you’re buying superior genetics to expect quality cannabis strains. Other than that, the legality of marijuana growing in your area should also be checked. For a comprehensive guide on buying cannabis seeds, read the following facts. 


Essential Facts About Cannabis Seeds

Growing marijuana plants should start from knowing that they are dioecious. Meaning, their male and female reproductive organs are found on separate plants. If you want to raise females, you must place them away from males. Otherwise, the male plants would pollinate the female and obstruct its ability to produce high potency cannabis. 


Another option to grow cannabis plants without males is seedless female flowers. They are also called sinsemilla and are considered a potent weed from where many CBD products are sourced. On the other hand, ordinary female variants need to be pollinated by a male plant to reproduce through seeds. Interestingly, there are also hermaphrodite plants that contain both male and female reproductive organs and can produce pollen and self-pollinate their flowers. 


However, when you buy cannabis seeds, you wouldn’t know the male and female variants yet. You can only determine that when the plants grow already, usually more than six weeks after the pre-flowering stage. If a small bud is visible between the leading stock and the new branch, it’s likely a female plant. While male plants are characterized by the pollen sacs that they create or the bulbs that resemble tulips in terms of shape and don’t have pistil hairs growing. 


If you want your cannabis plant to develop flowers, you have to place the male plants away from the female plants to avoid pollination that produces seeds. But regardless of whether a male plant pollinates a female plant or one plant self-pollinates, seeds would still get created. Once they reach maturity, they fall off the plant and grow as new marijuana plants. You can harvest them for hemp oil or food. 


Things to Know Before Buying Cannabis Seeds

Okay, so you’re sure about growing cannabis plants? Don’t buy just yet until all crucial things are clear to you. You have to make sure that it’s safe to purchase cannabis seeds and find out how you can get the best products out there. Here are the key points as you explore the weed market: 


Is It Legal to Purchase Cannabis Seeds? 

If you live in Canada, the law allows people of legal age to buy weed seeds. But there are still other places in the world where growing and selling marijuana is still illegal. Perhaps in your own country, some laws govern this matter. You need to check that to make sure that you can buy cannabis seeds and grow them in your yard without violating laws. Most likely, if cannabis products are not yet legal in your state or country, then neither are the seeds. In this case, seed manufacturers or suppliers won’t ship cannabis seeds to your place. 


Which Type of Cannabis Seed Should You Buy? 

Suppose buying cannabis seeds in your area is legal. The next thing to decide upon is the three types of seeds you should buy. To choose the right one for you, it is essential to understand first the purpose of different seeds. It would be best to consider other factors, such as climate in your area, the reason for growing cannabis, the amount of growing space, and whether your space is indoor or outdoor. Below are the types of seeds you can choose from: 


Regular Cannabis Seeds

When you use these seeds, it would be challenging to distinguish the female from male plants. But generally, regular packs of seeds are sold with 50% male and 50% female. Still, it offers no guarantee when it comes to planting gender. This is only a good preference for growing cannabis plants to play around with genetics. It’s not the best product if you are more interested in female or male plants. 


Feminized Seeds

These seeds are produced by integrating intelligent and cunning manipulation of genetics and are primarily used for growing female plants. As experts say, feminized cannabis seeds have transformed homegrown cannabis. This choice of seed is perfect if you are interested in buds because only female seeds can produce flowers.


Autoflowering Seeds

If you’re looking for a cannabis seed that doesn’t get affected by any change in light, this one is right for you. Autoflowering seeds will flip to flowering independently during the flowering phase without any hindrances. These plants don’t grow more considerably, making them perfect if you have smaller growing spaces. You can also harvest these flowers after just 100 days of planting. 


How Many Seeds Should You Buy? 

Like other seeds you’ve probably planted, not all cannabis seeds will germinate. Some of them will grow, while others won’t – and that’s beyond your control. But when you buy quality seeds, you may expect more seeds to grow and have a good harvest. It’s recommended, though, to purchase and plant enough seeds so that they can compensate for those seeds that won’t sprout. As a general rule, it is always advisable to buy seeds four times the number of seeds you plan to grow. But if this is your first attempt, start with a small amount as you work your way up. This way, you can avoid wasting time and money since you still lack the necessary skills to grow cannabis plants. 


Checking the Quality of Cannabis Seed

Using high-quality seeds is one of the key requirements for growing healthy cannabis plants. It all starts with choosing superior genetics, although the final yield would also depend on other factors, such as availability of nutrients, good light quality, and adequate watering. To ensure that you’re getting the best genetics out there, it is essential to source high-quality cannabis seeds. There are several things to examine and evaluate to purchase the right seeds, as discussed below: 


Proper Sourcing

Look for a trustworthy source to find great seeds. This will give you confidence that you’ll be growing healthy cannabis plants. Reputable online seed banks are easy to find on the web. These providers usually have excellent breeding skills and deliver precisely what they promote to the customers. You can distinguish them by their excellent reputation in the market. 


Feel and Appearance 

Evaluating the traits and quality of cannabis seed should consider its appearance. A clear sign of superior genetics is when the seeds have darker shades. They also have grey shades with an occasional display of a tiger stripe. The overall appearance of healthy seeds usually resembles a wax coating on the shell surface, especially when exposed to bright light. 


Avoid Seeds from a Bag

You might think it’s good to find some seeds in a cannabis bag. But that’s not true because it indicates that the grower has messed up and allowed male variants to pollinate the female plants. Once pollinated, the female plants would no longer produce THC-containing resin but instead seeds. It also means less weed when the seeds are added to the bag’s overall weight. 


Float Test 

If you still have doubts about seed quality after analyzing its appearance and toughness, the recourse is conducting a float test. This involves filling up a glass jar or drinking glass with water and placing the seeds on the surface. Those seeds that sink to the bottom are healthier, while others that remain floating on the water surface are likely to be of poor quality. However, some high-quality seeds need time to absorb enough water and sink to the bottom of the container. So, you have to wait for 1-2 hours. 


Germinate the Seed

Another way to judge the genetic potential of cannabis seeds is to put them in the soil. This can give you results within a short time. It’s a perfect method if you have adequate time and space to spare. But for commercial growers, this is not a suitable alternative. Still, it offers an option just in case all other indicators don’t convince you about the quality of your seeds. 


Factors Affecting Quality of Cannabis Seeds 

When you check the quality of cannabis seeds, keep in mind that other factors can affect the kind of material you get. Here are some of the key things that play a significant role:


  • Genetics – if you want a good harvest, you have to ensure that you get superior genetics of cannabis seeds. You may also consider crossing a high-quality female plant with any male plant. The best seeds are Inbred Lines, but they are usually hard to find. 
  • Maturity – to have healthy cannabis plants, later on, you need to allow the seeds to mature fully before use. Don’t rush the process and compromise quality. You have to know the right time to plant the seeds to get the best results. 
  • Storage – once you have your seeds already, make sure to store them in a cool and dark place. You can freeze the seeds soon after purchase or use them within 12 months. Otherwise, cannabis seeds might be exposed to pathogens, resulting in spoilage.


Helpful Tips when Buying Cannabis Seeds

Purchasing and growing marijuana seeds has become a practical option for many people. This gives them the benefit of having a self-sufficient medical and recreational weed supply. It can be more affordable than purchasing cannabis products from local shops and online stores. As you look for the right cannabis seeds out there, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind: 


  • Find the reputable seed bank
  • Prioritize seed quality
  • Prepare enough grow space
  • Familiarize the seed type
  • Opt for small and medium orders
  • Consider shipping
  • Look at the customer service
  • Check the laws in your area


Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds? 

There are now many online stores where you can shop for cannabis seeds. Most of these companies offer different products based on type, quality, and cost. You may also avail of their free shipping services within specific areas. It’s essential to buy weed seeds from a trusted store to maximize the value of your purchase. Remember that healthy plants start from choosing the best breed of cannabis seeds. That’s where you eventually source the extracts for your marijuana supply.


If you want to Buy Indica Weed Online or Buy Sativa Weed Online, you should always focus on quality. That gives you a guarantee of purchasing the best product. Shopping at a reputable store will always be the key. 


Final Thoughts! 

Growing your cannabis plants is an excellent alternative to purchasing manufactured CBD products in the market. But it would only work to your advantage if you buy the right seeds that could give you an abundant harvest. So, regardless of whether it’s meant for personal consumption or commercial use, you have to do enough research and find the best seeds out there.


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