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How Medical Cannabis Could Help with Sciatic Pain

How Medical Cannabis Could Help with Sciatic Pain

With legalization, many health benefits of cannabis are being uncovered, such as treating pain. Sciatica is common and painful, but research shows that cannabis can help treat its symptoms. 

Whether you shop in person or buy medical cannabis online in Canada, you can find products that will suit your individual needs. At Poke Bud, we strive to provide quality options for everyone, including those with sciatic pain. 

But how does it work?

What is Sciatic Pain? 

Sciatica describes a pain that radiates from the lower back down into the legs. It primarily affects only one side of the body, though the pain can occasionally affect both legs. Specific movements can worsen the pain, such as twisting or bending.

While sciatica is often referred to as a single condition, it actually describes symptoms causing lower back and leg pain. The pain travels from the lower back down the legs and ends anywhere between the ankle and the butt.

The most common cause for this pain is pressure on the sciatic nerve. Pressure is usually caused by a bulging or herniated spinal disk. This creates compression, irritation, or inflammation of nerve endings. 

Sciatic pain may feel like a dull throb, a sharp stab, or a burning heat and is often accompanied by shocks of shooting pain originating in the back and traveling down through the leg. This is referred to as “radiating” pain. 

Treating Sciatic Pain with Cannabis

While sciatica is often treated with rest and allowing the body to heal, the pain it causes can become unmanageable or intolerable. There are different ways in which cannabis can help reduce or eliminate sciatic pain symptoms. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the “chill” active compound in cannabis. It is associated with many of the healing effects that cannabis is known for, such as treating anxiety and relaxing the body and mind. A CBD Sleep Tincture is an excellent example of the powerful effects of CBD. 

As mentioned above, compression, irritation, or inflammation of nerve endings contribute to sciatic pain. CBD has been found, among many other things, to be an effective anti-inflammatory without creating any psychoactive effects. 

Anti-inflammation means that it acts as a natural healing agent, reducing swelling at the injury’s source. Depending on where your sciatic pain originates from, topicals like this Alvia Soothing Lotion can be applied to the back, allowing a direct treatment method. 

If your pain does not respond to topicals, you may want a delicious ingestible CBD option like these Golden Monkey Extract Gummies. Getting CBD directly into your system will help it to exert its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Our online cannabis dispensary serves Canada for all your CBD and cannabis needs. Be sure to consult with your primary care physician about whether CBD is a suitable treatment method for you.

Buy Medical Cannabis Online in Canada With Poke Bud

Cannabis has been found to reduce inflammation, a primary symptom of sciatic pain. Whether you struggle with a short-term bout or chronic sciatica, cannabis, especially CBD-rich products, can help to reduce or eliminate your pain.

As with any pain treatment, the best treatment plan for you will be different from what’s best for other people. At Poke Bud, we want you to have access to a variety of products that fit your unique needs. Check out our CBD category for other delicious candies, tinctures, and more.