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How to Consume Cannabis Oil

When talking about cannabis products, there’s a wide variety: oils, edibles, wax, topicals, and you name the others. Each of these forms has its unique uses and benefits. Many people have proven from personal experience that cannabis, in general, helps relieve certain medical conditions and offer a euphoric experience to soothe the mind and body.


But the effects of the substance may vary depending on the form, how it’s consumed, and dosing. Meaning to say, you have to be particular about your choice of cannabis product because that ultimately determines your cannabis experience.


Cannabis oil is, so far, one of the most popular options today. It’s a kind of cannabis concentrate that can be mixed with food or drinks as you please. You can also find this substance in vape pens, where it’s loaded to produce vapours. More and more users find this cannabis form easy to use and is potent enough to meet their expectations.


If you are also thinking of using this product to enjoy its health and recreational benefits, it’s possible anytime. There are now online cannabis stores where you can explore different brands of cannabis oil. But as an intelligent consumer, you should look beyond the brand names. It is essential to gather all the facts and set your standards accordingly.


This article will expand your understanding of cannabis oil, especially how you consume the substance. Read on and make the right decision afterwards. 


What is Cannabis Oil? 

It’s one of the famous cannabis concentrates created by extracting CBD and THC compounds from cannabis plants. Most cannabis oils you can find at weed stores are made through chemical extraction. This process uses a solvent to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids and then add them to carriers like hemp oil.


There are various extracting cannabinoids from a cannabis plant, but not all offer the same results – some are safer and more effective than others. For example, CO2 extraction has become the gold standard. It guarantees a safe and potent product free from waxes, chlorophyll, and any toxic residues that other solvents may not remove.


CBD can be found in various commercial weed products, including food, drinks, dietary supplements, and bath soaks, among others. Its wide acceptance and popularity continue to gain momentum in the health and wellness market. Some scientific studies show that the substance may ease symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety. You may also enjoy the euphoric feelings and sensations that the product may provide with proper consumption and dosing.


Methods of Consuming Cannabis Oil

What’s good about cannabis oil is not only the therapeutic and psychoactive compounds that it contains. You also have the luxury of consuming the substance in multiple ways. If you want to get started soon, here are the most common methods of cannabis consumption: 



If you love smoothies of any flavour and want to mix them with cannabis oil, that’s a great idea! You can take the substance, and you’re free however you want it added to the drinks. But as experts suggest, the substance is best mixed with mango because they share a compound called myrcene. To get excellent results, add a few drops of your cannabis oil into your favourite smoothie recipe, then enjoy the effects that it brings. 



Like in the old days, you could use cannabis oil in baked goods to consume cannabis. Don’t be surprised when you can’t taste CBD in your cakes, cookies, or bread when mixing the extract plant. That’s natural, and it’s even better that way as you can eat bread in its raw or original flavour. One thing to keep in mind in baking is setting the right temperature – it should not exceed 245 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid burning the THC. 



Who doesn’t love tea? Whether it’s a morning, afternoon, or evening habit, it’s usually part of the day for many folks. Gladly, you can make a cannabis tea that is becoming increasingly popular. That’s probably the best method you have if you’re a tea-lover. Some teas have amino acids and other balancing compounds found in essential oils to reduce stress levels. With a few drops of cannabis oil to your tea, you can get a double dose of calm and serenity. 



Yeah, why not? You can also add cannabis oil into your carrier oil, such as coconut oil and olive oil. This will be added to your favourite recipe, allowing you to consume CBD and THC more creatively. For instance, cannabis oil can be used to marinate meat, dress for a salad, and roast potatoes and vegetables. You can certainly make it part of your dining table, and it’s a different kind of experience, for sure. 


Oral Ingestion 

Some cannabis consumers want a quicker way to use CBD oil, and that’s okay. In such a case, ingesting cannabis oil orally is the best method to consume the substance directly. You can do this by swallowing the substance immediately, rather than mixing it with foods and drinks or holding the drops under your tongue. However, you can expect the substance to be metabolized differently when consumed this way. It can change the way cannabis affects your body, usually delaying the onset and lasting longer.


Under Your Tongue 

Cannabis oil can be taken sublingually, where the substance is absorbed by the mucous membrane under the tongue, eventually entering the bloodstream. This process is quicker and in high concentrations compared with pills or other forms of drugs, primarily because of the high vascularity of the cheeks and gums. You can expect several advantages when you choose this method, including convenience, odourless, and high cannabis concentrations. 


Rule of Thumb for Cannabis Oil Users 

There are different methods to consume cannabis oil, and you can try each one if you wish to. But keep in mind that proper dosages for your recipe are essential to avoid overindulgence and adverse side effects. For first-timers, starting low and going slow is advised so that you can find the correct dose for you in drinks, meals, and other ways of your choice. 


Tips when Consuming Cannabis Oils

Having multiple options for consuming cannabis oil is good, but choosing the correct method is critically important. It can affect your overall cannabis experience and have specific health implications. To guide you in finding the best method that works for you and ensure your overall safety, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind: 


Consider Dosing Labels

Each cannabis product has varying levels of CBD and THC contents, which means their effects are different, too. In the case of oils, dosing may sometimes be a challenge, so the key is to listen to your body. You can follow the recommended dosage in the product labels, but ultimately you are in control. It’s safe to start low and remember that the exact dosage you need to feel high might differ from someone else. Other factors such as your age, weight, and higher elevation may affect how the cannabis oil hits you. 


Avoid Mixing with Other Substances

Experts suggest that the best way to enjoy cannabis is to use it without mixing it with other substances like alcohol. You don’t have to overdo things because you want a different experience. Because the truth is, it might degrade the positive effects of the substance and may also have adverse reactions. If you like both cannabis and alcohol, take one at a time and shift to the other when you feel so.


Consider Your Medications

Keep in mind that some medications don’t react well with CBD or THC. You might experience side effects, so it’s safe to consult your doctor about it. This is very important for pregnant and nursing women and people with existing medical conditions. When talking to your doctor about your plan to use cannabis oil, make sure that you clarify whether it’s safe or not. At all costs, avoid experimenting when you are unsure about these things. 


Set Manageable Limits 

Although there’s no incident of a fatal overdose from consuming cannabis oil, using too much can lead to a hospital visit. Health authorities say that the severe effects of an overdose may include the following: paranoia, extreme confusion, anxiety, panic, delusions or hallucination, nausea and vomiting, fast heart rate, and increased blood pressure. For sure, you don’t want to experience any of these adverse reactions. Hence, setting manageable limits in weed consumption is very important – know when you’ve had enough. 


Don’t Drive When You’re High.

You still remember the warning when you’re drunk. The same is the advice when you’re already high from using a cannabis substance. Since your perception is altered, you might have poor judgment and motor skills along the road. To avoid any accident and harm yourself and others, don’t drive while under cannabis influence. There might also be laws in your area regarding the legal age for cannabis users and prohibit certain amounts of THC in your blood while driving. Seriously, this can be a huge problem that you don’t want to face. So please, observe the necessary precautions for your safety. 


Read the Instructions and Ingredients

Generally, cannabis products, like our MARY’S – 1000MG EXTREME STRENGTH CBD OIL, come with instructions and ingredients on their packaging. Make sure to read the label because this is your guide in consuming the product. Be particular about the THC content because there’s a limit in many countries and areas, usually at 0.3%. Some items don’t have THC or pure CBD alone. That’s not the choice if you want to enjoy a euphoric high. Always read the ingredients and follow the instructions for the proper use of cannabis substances. 


Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

You’ve probably read more about medical marijuana products and their fantastic health benefits. How do you find that? Are you seeking more substantial proof? That’s a good mindset, but as you delve deeper into this topic, you’ll discover more interesting facts. There are already numerous studies and anecdotal evidence proving that cannabis offers the following health benefits among consumers: 


  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Reduces symptoms of mental health disorders
  • Alleviates cancer-related symptoms
  • Has neuroprotective properties
  • May benefit heart health
  • Helps in substance abuse treatment 
  • Aids quality sleep


Possible Side Effects of Cannabis Oil 

Cannabis products are generally considered safe. But there’s a possibility of experiencing adverse reactions from using the substance. You have to take necessary precautions to avoid these possible health concerns: 


  • Changes in appetite and weight
  • Diarrhea 
  • Fatigue 
  • Drowsiness 


If you experience unusual effects after taking the cannabis oil, stop using the product in the meantime and consult your doctor immediately. There may be underlying problems that might have caused such reactions. 


Cannabis Oil versus Other Cannabis Concentrates

Perhaps you’re trying to find proof that cannabis oil is better than other cannabis concentrates and smoking cannabis. That’s not unusual among cannabis users because they have to examine their choices closely. But bear in mind that each cannabis variety has its pros and cons. It generally depends on your standards and personal preference on which product is most ideal for you. More likely, you have concluded from the preceding facts that cannabis oils offer the flexibility of use. You have several methods of consuming the substance, and it provides several health benefits. 


Where to Buy Quality Cannabis Oil 

More and more commercial weed providers are entering the cannabis industry as the demand for CBD products is constantly expanding. This can offer more choices for you, but finding a reliable one with an established name in the market can be somewhat challenging. Hence, researching your prospects is one thing that you should not skip.


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