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Marijuana Life Cycle: From Seed to Flower

Have you ever thought about what it takes to grow our Poke Bud friends? The life cycles of both the sun-loving and the sassy sativa strains and the irresistible jungle-living indicas are more or less the same. It takes around 12-16 weeks from seed germination to plant harvest. This is something you may not think of when you buy marijuana online in Canada.

Cannabis is an annual plant. It means that the plant’s entire life cycle takes place within a single year. The majority of the marijuana varieties reach the end of their life cycle after four to 10 months. The four stages of this life cycle are germination, seedling, growth or vegetation, and flowering stage.


No Need for a Green Thumb


The cannabis plant starts as a seed, like all plants. It is not the easiest plant to grow, but fortunately, we can buy marijuana online in Canada. 

The germination stage is the first stage in the cannabis plant’s life cycle. It takes from a couple of days up to two weeks for the seed to germinate, depending on the surrounding environment. 

The plant then enters the seedling stage, which lasts between two to four weeks. This is the most vulnerable stage for the plants. The first leaves are developed, and the plants are more susceptible to mould and disease. 

Next is the primary growth phase, which is called the vegetation stage. This takes two to eight weeks, and the plant will go from small and fragile to big and bold. Feeding the plant extra nutrients is essential during this phase. 

The final phase is called the flowering stage, which for many growers is the most exciting part. The length of this stage varies depending on the strain. It typically lasts between four weeks to three months. You can then begin the harvest.


A Trip to The Green Kingdom


Today’s great selection of mail order marijuana strains means a trip to the Green Kingdom is never far away. You can enjoy the company of the Poke Buds whenever you like, without all the effort of growing the plants yourself. 

The online dispensaries and stores offer everything from accessories and concentrates to your favourite mail order marijuana strain. So you are only a couple of clicks away from your irresistible bud indica and the sweet and spry sativa.

Just Buy Your Marijuana Online in Canada 

While growing cannabis plants may be a fun hobby, it is a rather lengthy process. A marijuana plant requires a lot of attention and care.

Instead, simply order your favourite mail order marijuana strain online. There is no need to wait for the seeds to go through the germination, seedling, and vegetation stages. All you have to do is wait for the delivery of your order. You can then head to the Green Kingdom at any time and enjoy the company of your Poke Buds.