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Canadians shop for indicas online, they often choose Black Diamond. This is an indica dominant strain, coming from a cross between two hard hitters: Blackberry and Diamond OG. Black Diamond's terpene profile is reminiscent of sweet berries and earthy forest floors. Patients report it is an excellent therapeutic strain for chronic pain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety. Recreationally, the high is incredibly relaxing and calming.

2 reviews for BLACK DIAMOND

  1. Willy da weed smoker

    Bud smells earthy, sweet, musky and floral with hints of coffee/chocolate. The nugs are medium in size with a nice density, dark purple and dark green in colour with a perfect humidity. Smoked in a joint, tastes earthy, musky, sweet and a tad skunky. The joint burned nicely with a light grey almost white ash. Very smooth smoke. The buzz is a kinda zone out relaxing feeling, great to just let loose and chill.

  2. DannyT

    This was a very strong Indica, and will be my go-to Indica from now on. Had a very Earthy flavour and the high came on pretty strong. When I mean strong, it will bring you down so don’t think of doing anything excessive as this gave me a very relaxed body high. The effects had me couch-locked with a moderate amount of Euphoria, which then quickly put me into a deep sleep, waking up almost 10 hours later. This would be a nice strain to use after a hard day’s work and you know you can sleep in the next day.
    Potency wise it is in the higher 20%, so make sure to take small hits and see how it goes or you’ll just end up knocking out, but if that is your goal then this will for sure help the insomniacs. The bud from Pokebud’s had lots of trichomes and was high quality and densely packed medium sized nuggets.
    Side Note – If you got ADHD this is the strain for you!
    Value-10+ Quality-9

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