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Blue Fin Tuna Kush Strain – Is an Indica dominant strain really sought after due to its rareness within the cannabis community. It was created by crossing Blueberry and Tuna Kush boasting THC levels at a whopping 25%-30%. With the combination of Blue berry and Tuna Kush you can expect a very strong aroma of wood, skunk and diesel. With its Indica attributes expect immediate body relaxation attacking any major pains making it ideal for chronic pain and high level of stress.

2 reviews for BLUE FIN TUNA

  1. MCDaddy

    The nose was earthy and spicy with a bit of funky fish. It had a good pungency. The taste was very pungent and it filled up my mouth. It was very piney, skunky and had a sweet and sourness to it. It was also skunky and gassy. It hit good and it had heavy effects. Very realaxing and sleepy. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Bos420

    Strain – Bluefin Tuna (Tuna Kush x Blueberry)

    Vistual/Texture – compiled of smaller to medium sized buds, densely wound, very little give when squeezed, and a more fresh sticky to the feel interior. Lightened mossy green shading, offering up plenty of deep dark forest undertones, an abundant array of thin light orange pistils, and a generous dusting of snowy trichomes 

    Scent – Bluefin Tuna brings on deep wafts of pungent terpenes right from nug form. Filling your nostrils with a sweet aroma of pungent sweetened berries, diesel gas, with a potent tuna scent perhaps being the most detectable note, and a mild hint of citrus in the air
    Smoke – producing ash on the lighter grey side with peppering, and sprouting an oil ring after a handful of puffs. Fairly smooth smoking strain, with the taste coming off quite familiar to its scent. Deep tuna, diesel gas, and sweet earthy berry flavoring taking in each inhale. Exhaling the flavor is more of a spicy, earthy, with a faint sweetened tuna flavoring still coming through
    High – this fairly close to evenly balanced hybrid (60/40) delivering a higher indica presence. Turning your motivation up with an initial inrush of energy, receiving an enhanced uplifted euphoric head high, with a guarantee of mood elevation, and completely giving your day the 180. A decent pain alleviation occurring as a deep relaxation makes it’s way over your entire body. Easily a great option for daytime sessions, as you can smoke this all day without any issues of continuing your regular activities while nice and roasted

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