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  1. DannyT

    A very nice Hybrid that gave off a very ‘sweet earthy’ scent, which I guess is why they gave it the name Chocolate cookie. It was a nice experience where it started off as a euphoric head high and gradually turned into a nice calming body high. Your able to function quite well in the get go, but the body high comes on slowly right after.
    Potency-wise its in the higher 20% but the nice hybrid helps you balance the high just right so you don’t get overwhelmed in the mind or body. Pokebud’s strain was densely packed and contained lots of visible trichomes. Ultra sized nuggets and very good quality.
    This would be a perfect starter strain for anyone looking to try hybrids for the first time as you get a nice sample of both worlds.

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A rare cross of opposing genetics, the Chocolate Mint Cookie is made from Green Ribbon and SinMint Cookies. This hybrid is mentally uplifting, all the while keeping you grounded in functional relaxation.

Its flowers are small, furry green nugs with orange hairs and white crystal trichomes. Dense with resin, it has an aroma that is herbal, sweet and minty. Even in smaller doses, the strain remains functional even in smaller doses, although it shows its relaxing and distracting qualities when constantly consumed.

Take this strain if you are looking to treat conditions like chronic pain, depression, appetite loss and chronic fatigue.

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