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Purple Sour Diesel is a fast-acting, heavy-hitting hybrid. A cross between a Sativa, Sour Diesel, and an indica, Purple Kush, Purple Sour Diesel embodies the full force of both strains. Great for nighttime smoking, this strain has a quick onset and a distinctly medicated feel. Featuring heavy head effects and a slight body high, Purple Sour Diesel will energize your mind while leaving you physically relaxed. This strain features a sour, fruity aroma similar to sour grapes.

3 reviews for PURPLE SOUR DIESEL

  1. Love

    Mix of forest greens with dark purple streaks throughout & many vibrant orange/red coloured pistils with a decent amount of trichomes covering these buds. Slightly rough trim leaving of few sugar leaf behind. Dense and compact structure to these nugs that unfortunately have an overly dry texture.

    The aromas were subtle with fruity, earthy, sweet and spicy notes. Also carried a subtle funk. Everything translated quite nicely into the taste with an added herbal touch. this did unfortunately burn quite dark.

    A clear headed and creative type of buzz, very much in the head. Also gives an energetic and uplifting high that is good for day or night time use.

    Personal rating: 2A+

  2. MCDaddy

    The nose was sour and earthy and a bit flowery. The flavour was similar with some spiciness to it as well. It wasn’t punchy but it had good potency that gave an all around buzz.

  3. Bos420

    Strain – Purple Sour Diesel (Sour Diesel x SR71 Purple Kush)

    Vistual/Texture – the quarter made up of mostly medium statured, quite dense nugs  with a sponge texture, and limited give when squeezed upon. Shades of both olive, and medium emerald green coloring can be spotted throughout along with vibrant purple highlights. Shorter rusted copper pistils emerging all over the formations, and a finely dusted blanket of frosty crystal trichomes cast over top

    Scent – an instant terpene presence making noise right away, with an aromatic explosion once ground up. This strain scented up by a sour citrus, diesel fuel blend, with slight hints of spicy skunk, and all being backed up by a sweetened berry fragrance tying this collaboration together

    Smoke – lighter grey salt & pepper ash, with a decent oil ring appearing a few hits into the doob. Finding the inhaled taste to be bringing forth many similar profiles of the nose. Taking in sweet berries, gassy diesel, and a sour herbal flavoring. Exhales then becoming more skunky diesel, with a spicy earthiness, and faintly carrying a berry citrus taste
    High – Purple Sour Diesel being a sativa leaning hybrid (70/30) I find this can be enjoyed at any time of day or to start your day off without any issue. Giving you enough energy to be capable of sparking motivation, and firing up your creative senses. Experiencing a positive mood elevation, and a head full of cerebral euphoria capable of altering any day the opposite direction. A relaxing feeling also trailing down your body, capable of dismissing any aches

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