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9lb Hammer: Need a happy, uplifting indica dominant? 9lb Hammer is a juicy cross between Rock Bud and Sensi Star. It's euphoric and deliciously relaxing. As you inhale, you get hit with earthy, pungent, and skunky notes, but the smoke will taste more herbal and spicy. For medicinal use, 9lb Hammer will provide relief for mood disorders, migraines, headaches, and fatigue

2 reviews for 9 POUND HAMMER

  1. Lovelypeace420

    Darker mix of forest green tones with blueish leaves. Very dense bud structure that has a very slight sponginess to the texture. Rough trim leaving behind some sugar leaf.

    Muted aromas from this strain that came out slightly more once ground up. What I could describe as a mixture of herbal and musky earthiness. Aromas translated into the taste with an added soft spice leading into the aftertaste.

    This example had a mildly calming high with some relaxing properties that unfortunately seemed to fade not long after smoked leaving for a groggy burnt out feeling. Burned with a dark ash.

    Personal Rating: 2A

  2. Bos420

    Strain – 9 Lb Hammer (Goo Berry x Hells OG x Jack the Ripper)

    Visual/Texture – brought together by a mixed variety of smaller to medium sized buds. Mostly spongy with a slight amount of crispness to the squeeze, some sugar Leaf presence, while still carrying a fair amount of sticky resin throughout. Sharing its real estate between shades of olive, a light mossy green. Light copper pistils also finding home over the vast majority of the structures, and completely iced out in a thick blanket of frost covered snow white trichomes

    Scent – I’ve always found some unique exotic terpenes coming off the 9 Pounder. Almost pulling in, and being re-introduced to different aromas each whiff taken. Scented up by a sweet berries, with a tart citrus lime, and a lingering doughy earthiness more faintly emerging in the background

    Smoke – the taste moving over from the scent quite cleanly, bringing forth a taste that consists of sweetened earthy grapes, and receiving notes of zesty lime while taking in each hoot. Exhaling a lighter amount of taste mostly taking on a sour dough, and earthy flavoring. Dropping an ash of medium grey while developing a greasy, oily resin ring

    High – the 9 Lb Hammer a hybrid (80/20) swinging a stronger indica force. The stone travelling its way upwards bringing on a steady euphoria, uplifted cerebral head high, leaving you with a smile while completely delivering an enhanced mood. That good old body stone soon coming afterward washing over you, ridding you of your days problems while decreasing any last motivational urges that existed. Proving to be a decent later day or evening time smoke

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