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This sativa dominant strain goes by many names: King Tut, Tutankhamon, or King Tutankhamon. This is a legendary strain descendant from AK-47, which helps give it a big kick up to 30 percent THC. Thanks to its sativa nature, its light green with a fluffy appearance and bright orange hairs. If you have errands to run or a party to attend, this is the ideal strain for you. Expect lavender, pepper, and lemony scents from this deliciously rare cultivar.

1 review for KING TUT

  1. Bos420

    Strain – King Tut

    Vistual/Texture – the entire quarter is made up of three medium sized, round shaped buds. Decently dense, compact with little give when squeezed. These tightly woven nugs have a stickier interior, really fluffed up once busted up. Moss green shading hidden underneath the structures that are heavily covered by an abundant supply of fire orange pistils, and topped off with a fine layer of snow dusted trichomes

    Scent – its definitely got some really unique terpenes, they aren’t overly loud initially but once busted, you really receive this strains true potential. Scented by a pungent skunky herbs, twisted together with a sour citrus, and earthy aroma 

    Smoke – making a transition from smell to taste while smoking is captured surprisingly well. Inhales consistent of a herbal skunkiness with a sour citrus, and mild earthiness. Once releasing, the exhale then moving towards a skunky sourness with some pungent earthy flavoring. Light grey ash, with the smoke being smooth and a resinous oil ring fully intact
    High – King Tut is a hybrid (80/20) being overpowered on the sativa side. With its sativa dominance it’s completely uplifting and truly providing an increase in motivation. Enhancing your mood, while pumping your head full of heightened euphoria, and a boosted cerebral sensation. This is a strain that can be smoked on at any time of the day with no cause of any major slowing down

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