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Get on board with Lemon Skunk! This is a subtle sativa-dominant strain with incredible THC levels reaching up to 22 percent. The buds are big and bold, with a thick layer of resin and bright orange hairs. As the name suggests, this strain smells intensely lemony, with a deep under note of skunk. If you have pain, stress, or appetite loss, you should give Lemon Skunk a try. Because it leans into sativa effects, expect to feel energetic and social.

1 review for LEMON SKUNK

  1. DannyT

    Don’t let the name scare you, this is one of the CLEANEST strains you will ever try. Its scent is of a strong Citrus with almost no flavor or hint of skunk, everyone should just rename it Lemon. If you’re one those people that want to keep the ‘marijuana’ smell away, lighting this up is as if you lit up a citronella candle. The flavour is very much citrus and one thing I noticed is that it doesn’t leave that icky taste in your mouth from a draw. Hence why I call it the cleanest strain. Effect wise it gives a nice mellow euphoric head high, but go slow as it is pretty strong.
    As with potency (15-18%THC), I have tried quite a bit of this strain and honestly this site has the strongest than what is out there. I was on the edge of greening out so make sure you take the hits lightly. The price is a bit higher than the rest but your smoking way less bud and saving in that sense.
    I know it is a hybrid but felt more stronger on the Sativa (Head) side of it. This is Perfect if you want to get your creative side on or want to be productive as it’s not overbearing. They came in Medium sized dense nuggets.

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