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Strains Similar to Tom Ford Pink Kush

For starters – What is Tom Ford Pink Kush? Tom Ford Pink Kush, more commonly known as TFPK, is a marijuana strain with a high amount of THC content. TFPK contains at least 23 up to 25 percent of THC. Compare this to the average marijuana strain, which has at least 15 percent THC content. At least 20 percent of THC in these strains is already considered “unusually high .” Perhaps the high content of THC in TFPK is the reason why it’s such a massive hit with marijuana enthusiasts. 


TFPK is an Indica-dominant strain that comes from the cannabis indica plant. According to people who have tried smoking TFPK, it provides a sense of calmness and physical relaxation. Others have also reported a strong sense of euphoria, thanks to its high THC content. You can refer to TFPK by various names, including Pink Cadillac, Pink OG, and Pink Candy. It is especially popular in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. 


Because TFPK is such a popular strain, probably every person who grows marijuana in Canada has tried to replicate its potency in the hopes of making cash and enjoying their own In House Tom Ford Pink Kush. Nowadays, you can find many marijuana sellers in Canada creating their unique take on the TFPK strain, each with its benefits and effects after smoking. 


What Is THC?

Earlier, we have mentioned that TFPK has soared in popularity because of its high THC content. But what is THC, anyway? THC is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a chemical solely responsible for marijuana’s effects and the main reason you get high after smoking it. It acts pretty similar to those cannabinoid chemicals that the body produces. These cannabinoid receptors are found in some regions of the brain – Specifically, the ones associated with memories, pleasure, thinking, time perception, and coordination. 


THC is a compound located in the marijuana plant. You can usually find it in the plant’s resin. Much of the resin is secreted by the plant’s glands, traditionally found in its reproductive organs. Aside from THC, you can find other cannabinoids in the marijuana plant’s resin – Including CBD, which is non-psychoactive but helps you relax anyway without getting high. THC works by stimulating your brain cells to release massive amounts of serotonin and dopamine, resulting in euphoria. Another effect of marijuana deals with interfering with how information is processed in your brain’s hippocampus, the part responsible for creating memories. On average, THC starts taking effect after at least 10 to 30 minutes after ingestion, with your high lasting for over two hours. 


Why Is Tom Ford Pink Kush in Canada so Popular?

TFPK burns well, smells good, and looks good. And the high that you usually get after smoking has been considered as “indescribable .” You can find TFPK strains across Canada, perhaps the second most popular marijuana strain in the country after Blue Dream. But you might be surprised to know that TFPK isn’t that popular in the USA, with its popularity sinking into the hundreds. Americans and Canadians share many similarities, but why is their marijuana preference so different? Let’s take a closer look at the TFPK strain. 


TFPK originated from the OG Kush, who hails from the USA. In turn, this came from its parent, the Hindu Kush. The Hindu Kush is a sedating landrace strain from its Himalayan roots. The Kush cannabis family landed in Canada through the USA in the mid-2000s, specifically British Columbia. As OG Kush and Himalayan Kush’s popularity grew in the US, so came dozens of stories about how some Kush hybrids arrived in Canada – One of them being TFPK. Canadians soon got wind of how potent TFPK was, and word spread fast. Soon enough, Canadian marijuana growers were purchasing TFPK by the hundreds, especially after learning that they could get higher prices for selling it, along with its hybrids. Meanwhile, consumer demand for TFPK made it easy for marijuana enthusiasts to sell and purchase some of it. 


A group called Barney’s Farm is credited for first developing TFPK. As mentioned, TFPK is composed of 90 percent pure cannabis indica, with its remaining percentage hailing from the cannabis Sativa plant. OG Kush is believed to be the TFPK strain’s “parents .” OG Kush was crossed with an unknown California strain with ChemDog, Lemon Thai, and the pure Hindu Kush. TFPK’s mixed head and body effects, strong lemon-like odor, and stress-relieving properties have come from OG Kush.


One more possible reason why TFPK is so popular is that it is mainly grown in Canada’s Pacific Coast. You can grow some fantastic TFPK buds there, no matter which strain it came from. TFPK is an entirely consistent product, and no matter what strain or batch it hails from, the effects are still the same. This is one of its secrets to success. Experts are confident that TFPK will satisfy Canadian customers who have a more discriminating taste when it comes to the marijuana they smoke, especially those who are quite picky with their euphoric experiences. 


Where Did TFPK Get Its Name?

TFPK is called such because it carries a look of a delicate pastry covered in powdered sugar or an ultra-sweet frosted cereal. It is known for its lovely pink buds, which not just come in pink, but in several colors as well, like orange and dark blue. The leaves’ bright yellow and green hues provide a huge contrast with the striking pink pistils of strain. Some people who grow their own similar Tom Ford Pink Kush strains even create a generous dusting of trichomes over their plants, hiding the pink hairs passing through as if they are covered with snow. In its nugget form, the buds are described as dense and compact. All in all, it’s just a pretty strain to look at.


And then there’s TFPK’s aroma, described as carrying a deliciously sweet taste, matching its gorgeous appearance. It’s got a candy-like aroma, with hints of perfume. Some versions of TFPK have an earthy pine aroma, with a bit of citrus. 


TFKP’s aroma is very distinctive, even when it isn’t smoked. It is striking and pungent but not that unpleasant. Its scent will please so many smokers, like the ones who enjoy its sweet tones, and others will enjoy the hints of vanilla and wood. It’s also known to carry a couple of other light scents, according to people who have tried it, including flowers. There is a dash of sour, with a small bit of heat. It’s acrid, but not to the point where it becomes overwhelming. 

Smoking a Tom Ford Pink Kush disposable pen on a low vape setting either by itself or with other concentrates will allow you to discover that it also carries hints of pine and spice, which hails from its beta-caryophyllene and pinene content. 


And even though TFPK has a relatively strong aroma, the strain’s flavor is sure to impress you even more. One more reason why TFPK is very popular is its robust and comprehensive flavors. The taste is very bold and is far from light. It’s the perfect strain for those who prefer smoking marijuana with intricate flavors. There is a hint of sweet and candied vanilla after inhaling, followed by a bouquet. The next scent is citrusy, blended with the taste of pine and crisp menthol. Some have also described tasting berries and other summer fruits, even wood. This will surely please even the smokers who don’t care about spicy, bold flavors.


Effects Of Smoking TFPK

The high after smoking TFPK is where it delivers. It’s got a full-body, strong effect because of the aforementioned high THC content. It is both relaxing and calming. TFPK produces an efficient high and is great if you want to smoke a strain that doesn’t knock you out but is still quite intense. 


It’s got some very long-lasting effects which are excellent if you’re the type of person who wants to relax and kick back after a very long and tense day. And as the high continues to reach its peak, you’ll start feeling a tingling buzz washing over your entire body. This will cause you to feel relaxed. 


TFPK works similarly to a conventional muscle relaxer. You’ll remain practically strapped to your bed or couch after ingesting it but in a state of complete bliss. And despite having strong muscle-relaxing effects, the strain won’t leave you feeling tired or sedated afterwards. The high will bring you into a state of complete relaxation, with a deep spaciness and introspection. 


Surprisingly, TFPK works as an excellent medicine for treating and relieving specific physical ailments. You can smoke TFPK to relieve yourself from acute pain, depression, and insomnia. It helps calm down uncontrolled nausea and decreases a certain lack of appetite. If you’ve ever wanted to relax your mind, then a nice bowl of TFPK strain will do the trick.


Can TFPK Work as Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana patients consider TFPK to be one of their favorite strains. They love it so much because of its pleasant flavor, long-lasting buzz, and ability to cure anxiety and ease physical pain. Doctors who have prescribed medical marijuana also think TFPK is a great strain and recommend it to those experiencing nausea. The strain is responsible for increasing one’s appetite. When smoking it, it’s always handy to keep some delicious snacks nearby. 


What’s more, TFPK is also an excellent choice for smokers who want to meditate or enhance their creativity for whatever form. A little TFPK goes a long way. It’s a great strain to help relieve tension and stress, solve mental issues like PTSD anxiety, and even cure insomnia. 


TFPK shares a common trait with most cannabis Indica-heavy strains – It can cure back pain and other forms of chronic pain. It’s also been known to help ease muscle spasms and intense migraines. Smoking is sure to provide you with instant relief. 


And finally, despite its somewhat sedative properties, TFPK can help you become sociable. Ingesting this strain reduces depression and promotes happy feelings. So don’t be surprised if you feel very giggly and happy after ingesting it. 


Marijuana in itself has been used for medicinal purposes for at least 3000 years. Canada officially legalized marijuana use in 2018 for both medicinal and recreational usage. 


THC, which has been extracted or synthesized from marijuana leaves, can be used as an ingredient for other FDA-legalized drugs, including Dronabinol. This medicine prevents nausea associated with chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. It’s also used to increase the appetites of AIDS patients. Dronabinol is unique, as it looks like resinous, light yellow oil. When one uses THC properly, it can give you so many medicinal benefits. For example, when you take it in smaller doses, it can significantly improve your memories. People approve of marijuana usage in medicine, compared to prescription pills, because it is considered an all-natural source. 


When THC is exposed to air, it becomes cannabinol, a cannabinoid with its share of psychological effects. THC concentration will also rely on how the marijuana plant is cultivated. If there’s less than 0.5 percent in a cannabis plant, it is officially a hemp plant. Hemp is a plant that also contains medicinal and industrial properties but doesn’t make one high. THC in a recreational dosage of marijuana is entirely variable. This means that the lower the THC content is in the marijuana strain, the more you should smoke it if you want to experience its desired effects. 


Similar Tom Ford Pink Kush Strains

TFPK has so much in common with other strains, especially OG variety strains, as well as high myrcene Indica-based strains. Here are a couple of examples:


  • Pineapple Chunk is a marijuana strain that is most often confused with the OG pineapple strain. However, Pineapple Chunk is an entirely different type of bud with plenty of varying features, depending on how you grow it. Its taste is quite similar to pineapple, hence the name. Smokers have also mentioned that it tastes faintly like cheese. Compared to TFPK, it’s more pungent and savory than sweet and delicious. Pineapple Chunk gives you a nice and uplifting high, so it’s great for those who suffer from mood disorders or bouts of anxiety and depression. 

Many individuals who have to grow Pineapple Chunk are fully aware that any tropical-based marijuana strain is sure to grow in popularity. We’re fortunate that the makers of the Pineapple Chunk strain know marijuana users enough to grow a fantastic strain that is beloved by many. This strain initially came from the Netherlands and is twice as potent as the famed Pineapple Express strain. 

Pineapple Chunk has two things in common with TFPK. First, it hails from the same farm as TFPK was first discovered – In Barney’s Farm. Second, it’s also entirely made out of the cannabis Indica strain and can trace its lineage to the Skunk 1 strain and the Cheese strain. The scent can be described as being similar to funky cheese, with its combination of sweet and sour flavors sure to make your mouth water. The strong, skunky notes, in the end, will remind you that Pineapple Chunk is a very potent weed strain.

Meanwhile, its flavor will be a hit for you if you enjoy fancy cheese boards. The aforementioned skunky notes provide a huge contrast to that cheesy flavor it comes with. There is also a delicious pineapple aftertaste in the end. Its buds are distinctly cone-shaped and can resemble small pebbles or footballs. Some of its buds sport a purple color, with peach-colored pistils and white trichomes.

  •  Alien OG – Alien OG strain is a cross between many other strains. It also goes by the name Alien OG Kush. Its parent strains are Alien Kush and Tahoe OG strains. It was initially grown in California’s Bay area as a cloned strain. It carries a strong pine and lemon scent, similar to its parent strains. The high that you get from smoking Alien OG can also get quite intense, as it combines a cerebral psychedelic buzz with some heavy body effects. This strain came from the cannabis Sativa plant and was first grown by The Cali Connection. Like TFPK, the Alien OG strain has a very high THC content, going from 20 percent to 28 percent. When you purchase a pack of its seeds, Alien OG’s buds come in tiny, nugget-like clusters. Even though the buds are compact and dense, the phenotypes in the buds contain looser and fluffier leaves – A physical sign that it’s a sativa-based strain. The leaves sport a lighter green color and look good with the plant’s bright red and orange pistils. A pistil is a structure that lets female plants catch pollen to fertilize themselves. Since the strain has a strong amount of THC, Alien OG is covered with trichomes and resin, making it look frosty and moist on the outside. Smoking it produces a sweet, citrusy smell, with hints of lemon emanating from its cured buds. There are also hints of fresh pine.

When you smoke the Alien OG strain, the flowers taste spicy and have a strong scent similar to hash – This is a trait inherited from the Tahoe OG strain. The smoke tastes very smooth and is sure to expand your lungs. There is a faint tang of ammonia when you exhale it or a combination of ammonia and incense. As mentioned earlier, Alien OG is very pungent, so the odor can stay on you for a while after you smoke it. The high from Alien OG comes quickly, starting with a head rush. There is also a huge, sudden change in cognition. Once the high starts wearing off, you’ll begin to feel a bit relaxed, so it’s a good strain for smoking alone or with friends. Its well-rounded high also ensures that it’s a strain perfect for medical applications. The euphoria during the high can cure your depression, while it also relieves chronic pains and aches, even nausea.

  • Pink Bubba – This is perhaps the marijuana strain that most resembles TFPK. Pink Bubba is a cross between TFPK and the Bubba Kush strain. This strain carries a strong earthy aroma and contains strong sedative effects after smoking. It is also an Indica-based strain, just like TFPK. Pink Bubba’s flowers are rust-colored, with yellow-green leaves. Its dominating terpenes include limonene, humulene, and linalool, which means it’s very flavorful when smoked. Those who have tried Pink Bubba have mentioned that it tastes like a combination of pine, apricot, peach, and blue cheese. It’s also got a spicy aftertaste. 

Because of its links to TFPK, Pink Bubba acts like your usual Indica-based strain. Smoking can immediately cause a change in your visual and auditory perceptions and will cause the time to slow down for a bit. You will also begin to notice some physical effects as well. This is a good strain for those who are constantly stressed out from work because it helps you relax and forget about the negative stuff in your mind for a while. It’s also perfect for removing muscle tension. To experience the most potent high while smoking Pink Bubba, consuming it after lunch is recommended.

Pink Bubba’s flowers sport a chunky and spherical shape. They look like pebbly clusters at first glance, all of which maintain a compact and internal structure in their buds. The leaves are also relatively small, with a bright yellowish-green color. It is covered with a blanket of icy white trichomes, making it sticky to the touch. Once they are cured, Pink Bubba starts sending out an earthy scent, just like soil or leaves after a strong rain shower. A deeper inhale could make you notice some floral notes, which hail from Pink Bubba’s TFPK origins. Grinding or cracking up a bud open will make the strain release a peppery and hash-like odor, which is the complete opposite of what TFPK smells like. When smoked, Pink Bubba produces a rather heavy and acrid smoke, with the smoke itself tasting woodsy with some hint of flowers. It’s also quite pungent. The strain has deep sedation effects, which are great for medical marijuana patients, as it can give them temporary and subtle relief from anxiety, depression, and stress. It also removes any physical pain, whether it’s something temporary like an ankle strain or a more severe condition like lupus or arthritis. Pink Bubba’s anti-inflammatory properties can also relieve nausea and cramps. 

  • Ghost OG – Ghost OG is known to be a classic strain. It’s very strong, but even new marijuana smokers can try it out, making it a favorite. Ghost OG is a cross between the OG Kush strain and an Afghani strain. It was first grown by Dark Heart Nursery. It has a very colorful exterior, and its also filled with lots of flavors. The strain comes in various shades, ranging from light green to hints of yellow to dark purple. The leaves are exclusively yellow, and the light dusting of trichomes on the plant itself makes it a gorgeous-looking strain. Smoking Ghost OG will make you notice its sweet, citrusy flavors. Perhaps the high amount of THC content makes it similar to TFPK. Smoking Ghost OG also gives you the same effect as TFPK would, first beginning with the body tingles, then making you feel uplifted and numb. These two sensations won’t disappear after the high wears off. It also gives you a strong sense of euphoria and creativity, much like TFPK would. There’s also a warming feeling which blankets you after enjoying these sensations. 

Because it pretty much works similarly to a sedative, Ghost OG is utilized by medical marijuana doctors to treat stress, anxiety, and even mild cases of insomnia. It can also release back, and neck tension removes muscle aches and headaches. It can even cause relief in people living with cancer and those with PTSD. Another reason why it’s so popular is that the strain is also easy to grow and cultivate. They don’t need too much care and are very self-reliant. It can also handle a lot of climates, adapting to both humid, warm, and cold temperatures. Ghost OG is also great at withstanding pesticides, mold, mildew, and anything else that can harm a marijuana plant. 


How To Grow Tom Ford Pink Kush

The great thing about growing your TFPK, or learning how to grow similar Tom Ford Pink Kush strains, is that its strain seeds are tough and can handle so many irritants. You don’t have to care for it that much compared to other marijuana strains, so it’s very low-maintenance. Irritants that can potentially harm marijuana plants include pests, mildew, and mold. Just make sure that your TFPK plants are stored in the proper humidity and temperature and watch them grow. 


In TFPK’s case, they thrive in a dry and warm environment. Its leaves are on the short side, but if you’re planning to grow some in your garden, you have to support it during its early stages of growth. A well-cared-for TFPK strain won’t droop. Topping the strain is also a great idea, as TFPK grows indoors and outdoors. The harvest meant for growing TFPK indoors goes to at least eighteen ounces per square meter. Meanwhile, growing it outdoors could yield at least 25 ounces, or even more. 


TFPK requires plenty of nutrient-rich soil, and the water you use must have a pH of no more than 6.5. Growing the strain takes time, so please be patient. It takes around 10 to 11 weeks for it to become mature finally. In the end, you’ll be seeing a whole garden filled with abundant and hardy TFPK strains in no time at all. But in some instances, TFPK may start maturing in around nine weeks. Letting it mature for 11 weeks ensures its potency when consumed or smoked. A hydroponics setup works nicely for TFPK as well, as this discourages the growth of mold on the strains and aids it in its growth. 


When growing marijuana plants in general, pH levels play an essential role, especially for TFPK and similar types. To grow some TFPK plants, you need to maintain a pH level of 6.2 to 6.8 if the plants are in natural soil. But a hydroponics setup requires a pH level maintenance of 5.8. A pH level that is too high or too low means the plants won’t absorb all of the nutrients necessary to grow. Get a pH meter so you can monitor the levels of your TFPK plants. You can find lots of these pH UP and pH DOWN solutions in the market, and these products can help you retain the perfect pH levels in your TFPK plants. Growing your set of TFPK plants can be challenging, but the benefits are worth it in the end.