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Where To Get Cannabis Vaporizer In Canada

Vaping cannabis is safer than smoking it, research confirms. Are you aware of that? Seriously, if you have been consuming cannabis products for a while, you might have been overlooking what matters – your health and safety.


Ironically, too many consumers tend to focus on the high and euphoric feeling that Cannabis brings and forget how the method of consumption affects them in one way or another. Before it’s too late, you have to set things straight. It starts by knowing why vaping is preferable and where you can get the best cannabis vaporizer in town.


As a gist of the whole story, vaporizers don’t burn anything. They instead heat cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) until these substances are hot enough to create an aerosol. Compared to the hot and harsh smoke produced by burning leaves and other cannabis forms, the aerosol from vaporizers can feel much smoother in the lungs. This gives you a clear picture of why vaping is way better than smoking when consuming a cannabis product.


Whether you consume Cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, vaping makes a lot more sense not only for safety but for other practical advantages as well. As you look for a vaporizer on the Internet or in a nearby location, you need a checklist to ensure that you’re getting only the best.


This article gives you the advantage of learning about cannabis vaporizers and where to get quality products when you’re exploring your choices today. Remember, your choice of the vaporizer can affect your health and overall cannabis experience. 


A Quick Review of Cannabis Vaping 

Canada is a hotspot for cannabis users with a 2.6 billion Canadian dollars market size in 2020 and is forecasted to reach 8.62 billion CAD by 2026. These figures represent both young and adult consumers of cannabis products. But this population has varying preferences when it comes to the mode of consumption, too.


For instance, 53% of more than 350 respondents asked in a survey prefer to consume medical Cannabis through a vaporizer. Among this group, 80% believe that vaping was a healthier alternative to other methods like bow or pipe, and 34% felt that vaporizers provided the best symptom relief.


The use of vaporizers for Cannabis users is on the rise, especially among younger age groups. But there are still concerns about whether or not these products are safe. The Center for Disease and Control and the Food and Drug Administration had once warned against the use of e-cigarette or vaporizer products that contain THC, claiming that these products may have harmful components and increase the chances of lung damage.


Still, the demand for cannabis products today, including vaporizers like our FADED EXTRACTS – DISPOSABLE VAPORIZER PEN, is growing across different countries. As the data showed, Canada alone has millions of users who use the substance for medical and recreational use. But given the sheer volume of cannabis products and vaporizer brands available, choosing the right one for you can be a tad overwhelming. Hence, before buying one from any online store, make sure you understand the pros and cons. 


How Cannabis Vaporizer Works

Batteries and small metal coils operate vaporizers to heat Cannabis and THC until they evaporate and the user inhales the substance. This works differently from traditional cigarettes that burn leaves to make smoke. Other names used for this technology are vapes, vape pens, and vaporizers. However, not all such devices vaporize similarly. There are three formats of cannabis vaporizer that you will come across when looking at the right product: oil, herb, and wax. 


Oil Pen

This device is easy to use, allowing the consumption of a cannabis substance on the go. It works by adding an extracted oil concentrate to the oil pen, and afterwards, it’s ready to use. This product is the most popular among first-time users because of its clean look and easy-to-use features. 


There are two types of this device that you can choose from: (1) a single-use oil pen that is disposed of once the oil runs out, and (2) a reusable vaporizer with oil cartridge attachments that come in a variety of different flavours and cannabis strains. Gladly, a single oil cartridge can last several weeks. 


Herb Vaporizer

A cannabis flower or dry herbs are added to the chamber of this device to produce concentrated vapour. The portable dry herb vaporizer is first heated, and active therapeutic compounds in the Cannabis are eventually delivered. Setting the dry herb vaporizer at the right temperature is essential so that the Cannabis will not burn and minimize any tar or carcinogens that the user may inhale when using a pipe. Fortunately, many herb vaporizers today come with temperature settings, allowing you to control the amount of flavour and vapour that you like to inhale.


Wax Pen

Cannabis also comes in the wax form or a solid substance extracted from the hemp plant that contains high concentrations of active compounds. It is claimed that this type of Cannabis is more potent than oil and herb. You can consume this Cannabis through a portable vaporizer with three major components: the atomizer, the battery, and the mouthpiece. 


The wax can be purchased at any cannabis dispensary, and then you can add it to the atomizer, where it is heated with a coil and eventually vaporized. Wax can be a little more expensive and needs to be reloaded into the wax vaporizers often. What attracts more consumers to this product is its high potency, which is the most efficient way of achieving the desired therapeutic effects.


Components of Cannabis Vaporizer 

As the hemp industry constantly grows, the selection for related products like cannabis portable vaporizers is also expanding. To check the quality of the device, you can look at the following components: 


  • Chamber – this is also called the oven of the cannabis vaporizer. This is the area where the cannabis herb or concentrate is heated through a heating source. Most vaporizers in the market are using a heating coil for such a purpose.
  • Energy Source – a cannabis vaporizer cannot function without a power source. More commonly, rechargeable and replaceable batteries power most of these devices. You can plug the vaporizer into a wall socket if you are using a desktop version. 
  • The Heating Element is an important part of the cannabis vaporizer because it controls the heat speed and distribution. Many vaporizers today use convection or conduction heating.
  • Delivery System – cannabis vapours are transferred from the chamber to your lips through a specific delivery system. Each device comes with a system where you can draw the vapour directly from a portable device. 


Using desktop vaporizers has become a popular choice among cannabis consumers, but the portable versions are now the mainstay in the industry. The youth would commonly prefer concentrate pens and cartridge pens because they are portable and easy to use. These products are almost similar to electronic cigarettes, but they are filled with cannabis oil to produce vapours that users inhale to experience desired effects.


Ideal Cannabis Vaping Temperature 

Cannabis contains numerous compounds, including terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. These components of hemp products, regardless of form, combust and vaporize at different temperatures. That means the ideal vaping temperature ultimately depends on your personal preference. But the following are the generally accepted measurements:


  • 393+ degrees – this can produce excellent cannabis vapour
  • 356 degrees Fahrenheit ideal for achieving the best cannabis flavour
  • Between 356 and 392 degrees – gives a good taste and decent vapour


There are now cannabis vaporizers with specific temperature settings for concentrates, which could reach a maximum of 500 degrees. But sources are suggesting that the best results can be achieved below 400 degrees. It is essential to check the specifications of the cannabis vaporizer before buying one. The reason is apparent: it affects Cannabis and other compounds and your overall experience, too.


Benefits of Cannabis Vaping 

Recreational and medical Cannabis can be consumed in various ways, depending on your preference. You can even mix the cannabis product with foods or drinks as you wish. But if you prefer some other methods like dabbing, smoking, and vaping, among others, it’s possible as well. When you choose vaping, there are some well-known benefits that you can look forward to: 


  • Easy to use – unlike smoking or dabbing equipment, vaporizers are simple and easy to use, without an unnecessary mess. All you need is to keep the device charged and loaded with oil, herbs, or wax.
  • Consistent Doses – compared with edible Cannabis, which can take up to three hours to take effect, THC concentrations through vaping are often more consistent from one inhale of vapour to the next and produce instant results.
  • Cleaner Hit – cannabis vaporizers generally produce purer and more potent hits than combusted forms. The vapour may contain fewer toxins, too, as long as the THC product is not contaminated with harmful agents.
  • Less Odour – the earthy and robust smell of Cannabis may be bothersome for some users. This is where vaporizers could be a better alternative because they minimize the scent as the Cannabis isn’t burned.
  • Wastes Less Cannabis – compared to pipes and joints, vaporizers require less Cannabis to produce the desired effects. Doses are proven more potent than other modes of consumption, so a few inhales are enough.
  • No Secondhand Smoke – vaporizing cannabis and THC products has been found to reduce the number of carcinogens harmful to the user and other people nearby. 
  • More Affordable – although cannabis vaporizers may be more expensive than other devices, the total consumption cost is still lower because Cannabis concentrates last much longer than herbs when combusted. 
  • Accessible in More Places – one reason why vaporizers are in-demand is that they can often be used in public spaces, outside of work, in the home, or other areas where cannabis smoke is not tolerated.


Potential Risks of Cannabis Vaping 

Vaping weed produces cannabis and THC compounds and other ingredients that may be harmful to your health when inhaled. For instance, the vape fluids may create a vapour-like aerosol or add flavour that can irritate the delicate tissues and air sacs in your lungs. 


Another issue with cannabis vaporizers is that the vaping cartridges have not yet been regulated. Some ingredients may not be stated on the product labels, so buying from a reliable seller is essential. Since there are many variations among these products, it’s usually challenging to say exactly what other things are there in the vapour. Based on research, these are some ingredients found in vaping products which may pose potential risks among cannabis users: 


  • Carcinogenic Compounds – other chemicals used to suspend THC or produce a vapour may cause potentially dangerous and cancer-causing agents when they’re heated up. 
  • Heavy Metals – cannabis vaporizers have tiny coils made with different metals that can weaken and break down over time. These small amounts of heavy metals may get into the aerosol that you inhale.
  • Flavourings are added flavours used in many THC-infused vaping products containing such fluids as diacetyl, which may cause serious lung problems when inhaled.
  • Ultrafine Particulates – although there is lesser debris in vaporizers than in smoking, some studies show that vaping fluids may contain tiny particles that might get deep into the lungs and cause irritation.


Interestingly, few reported health-related problems associated with Cannabis vaping compared with those in cigarette and cannabis smoking. More research is needed to clarify the common misconceptions about the product. Many consumers find this alternative safer than other methods because it is less harsh on the throat and lungs. It also produces less harmful chemicals, and you can still get all the benefits of vaping experience.




How long would it take to experience the effects of vaping Cannabis?

Cannabis vaping and smoking have similar effects that can be felt in a few minutes. Starting with fewer inhales is recommended for the new users until they eventually determine the dosage they’re most comfortable with. If you are not experiencing the desired effects after 15 minutes, you can try inhaling more vapour. 


Are cannabis vape pens safe for my lungs? 

While Cannabis vaping offers several advantages, the safety of the vaping products is still unclear, as various sources claim. But there is research confirming that vaping Cannabis is safer than smoking it. At present, vape pens and carts are mainly unregulated. Still, you can buy these products at your discretion. 


Does vaping Cannabis leave any smell?

It depends on the device like desktop vaporizer and cannabis form that you are using. Vape carts have a very faint smell that disappears quickly, making them a good option for inhaling Cannabis. This is compared to dry herb vapes with a more pungent odour and can linger in a room for up to 30 minutes. But unlike smoking, vaping does not usually leave any smell to clothing and skin. 


What kind of a high do dab pens produce? 

A dab high tends to hit quicker and provide a greater high than smoking or vaping Cannabis, but the effect does not last as long. The specific results of the dab will depend on the strain and variety. As commonly experienced, an Indica dab is more sedating, and the Sativa dab is usually more energizing. 


Where to Buy the Best Cannabis Vaporizer? 

Many cannabis dispensaries are selling CBD and THC products and also cannabis vaporizers across Canada. The sheer volume of options might make choosing one a little more complicated when you have no specific criteria. Brand and reputation are two of the most crucial factors because it speaks about the quality of products and the kind of customer service that it delivers. We know that for sure because our company, the Pokebud, has established a good name among our growing customers worldwide. 


Pokebud is now a leading online marijuana dispensary that provides mail-order marijuana and weed delivery services throughout Canada. Our company also offers same-day product delivery in Vancouver. You can browse our large selection of weed strains and cannabis vaporizers, including GREEN SUPREME – VAPE TIPS | 1G, designed to fit your unique needs and preferences. We guarantee that all our brands are quality-controlled to the highest standards possible. 


We have a variety of products that you will find cost-effective because they maximize the benefits you get from consuming Cannabis. You’ll discover the difference that we offer upon experiencing the quality of our brand. Contact us today! Let’s talk about what’s best for you.